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Sitav Costruzioni Generali is structured in three divisions:



- Industrial Construction Division, turnkey design and construction of large prefabricated buildings.


- Isotecnica Cold Rooms Division, design and construction of cold rooms and industrial refrigerators.


- Acoustic Reclamation Division, specialized in the design and construction of noise barriers.



The company operates throughout Italy and abroad with a widespread network of agencies.


Sitav Costruzioni Generali is the ideal interlocutor to entrust with your work, the only one able to make the most of the synergies of a specialized and competent staff in all areas of the construction sector.


Our "team work" includes construction and electrical engineers, architects and competent technicians, able to provide, in addition to the design, detailed estimates of the times and costs for the realization of the projects.


Sitav Costruzioni Generali pays a lot of attention to the initial pre-construction phase, in order to give customers all the most comprehensive information to be able to make the best possible decisions regarding their capital investment.


Thanks to the experience in coordinating activities and the financial strength consisting of a transparent administrative capacity, Sitav Costruzioni Generali becomes the ideal subject to entrust your project on a single contract.





Our history and our values




Moral integrity and transparency:

Sitav Costruzioni Generali operates according to the moral and ethical principles of honesty and trust, an approach that can be easily demonstrated thanks to 15 years of activity with public and private customers.

Synergies, sharing and enhancement of knowledge:

Sitav Costruzioni Generali enhances human capital, with the related skills, a collaborative approach of "team work" determines the best results in design. These elements are the basis for the success of a modern entrepreneurial reality.

Work environment:

Sitav Costruzioni Generali has always been committed to creating comfortable working conditions as employees are considered the most valuable asset for the company. It is also recognized that a positive working environment can increase productivity and competitiveness which Sitav Costruzioni Generali does not want to give up.


Sitav Costruzioni Generali offers documented quality as an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. Each product in the range is accompanied by internal certification and, where required, formal certificates issued according to national and international regulations.

Experience and concreteness:

Sitav Costruzioni Generali has established itself, in Italy and abroad, for the knowledge and high technology applied in each of the many major works that have been entrusted to us. Sitav Costruzioni Generali has all the tools to give a good project the shape of a masterpiece.



Valuation of the invested capital:

Sitav Costruzioni Generali offers solutions that allow a considerable economic advantage as well as a further real operational saving; installation times are significantly reduced thanks to the technological content of the products, the principle of industrial prefabrication that optimizes set-up times, the modularity, the effectiveness of the systems which result in lower installation costs and increased productivity.


Sitav Costruzioni Generali operates, with its own Division, in the environmental remediation sector and the sensitivity towards environmental protection issues is maximum also in the construction of works such as new roofing or asbestos-cement remediation. Recovery of materials, processes with reduced environmental impact and the use of products to be considered "recyclable" characterize the philosophy of the company.

Network of companies of excellence:

Sitav Costruzioni Generali believes in the concept of a business network of excellence, makes use of suppliers / customers with whom it shares entrepreneurial principles and managerial application methods. Sitav Costruzioni Generali seeks high quality also from the support of its suppliers where it controls the production processes.

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